Rules for the Search and Use of Foreign Sources of Literature When Writing a Candidate's and Doctoral Dissertation

Rules for the Search and Use of Foreign Sources of Literature When Writing a Candidate's and Doctoral Dissertation


In order for the search for materials in a foreign language to be successful, you must perform the following steps:

  • We select and fix the research topic, form a work plan, highlight key aspects (keywords, abstracts, definitions);
  • We specify the subject and object of research, the purpose and objectives of scientific work;
  • We translate the topic, subject, object, keywords into a foreign language. You can do it yourself, but it is best to turn to qualified translators and experts, a native speaker;
  • We find leading and original international publications, specialized electronic platforms and drive parameters into the search engine (topic, theses, keywords);
  • If possible, we use the filter: setting the date of publication, authors (if there are recommendations or you know specific researchers in the field under study), etc.;
  • We carefully study the found resource: for this it is necessary to correctly translate the material into English, study it, evaluate and process it;
  • Download all or relevant information for further use. Be sure to tag the source.


Foreign literature used in the text of a candidate's or doctoral dissertation must be reflected in references, footnotes and bibliography. It is allowed to quote foreign authors, in accordance with the current rules (direct or indirect speech with a reflection of the original source). You can also rely on foreign "developments" and texts without copying and quoting, direct borrowing. It is enough to retell significant facts and mark the opinion of the researcher who proved and showed it.


How to arrange foreign sources in the list of references?


It is important to note that all foreign sources are listed last in the list of references. As a rule, they are allocated in a separate block, where all borrowed resources are arranged in alphabetical (by the author's last name) order. In most cases, the list of foreign sources is formed in the "original" language (that is, as it is noted in the original source, in the original). Moreover, the formatting rules (data order, punctuation marks, etc.) remain standard.


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