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Su Yu looked straight at Su Chen, "so your friend is not a person on earth." It was a statement, not a question, and it was clear that Su Yu had confirmed something. Su Chen glanced at his father and nodded,


Han Yang stretched out his feet back, since the hungry wolves did not go away, then they now run out, is absolutely a dead end! 40 Before the tide of corpses Guo Xiaobei's face is the most ugly, even more ugly than the hands of Xing. Because he was the only one who saw how many zombies were out there. This is no less than chasing them today, is it all the way from the city? But this is obviously impossible, because those zombies have long been dumped by them without a trace. Guo Xiaobei bit his lip and thought for a long time, even if they built this house again solid, but also brick walls, so many zombies under siege, there is absolutely no possibility of escape. I don't know if Xing Yi has awakened any powers. According to the information he heard along the way, those who are scratched by zombies and infected with coma and fever may evolve into powers. But of course no one to be deliberately zombie scratch, because the general people scratched by zombies, all soon appear mutation symptoms, at the beginning of brother Xu has several little brothers were zombie scratch, originally they also softhearted people concentrated on the last car, but did not wait for them to arrive in L city has become a zombie, but they are not the same as Xing Yi, no coma phenomenon. Xing Kui was in a coma for half a month. I remember that he began to be in a coma on the first day of the Lunar New Year,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, and now it is the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. Although the emergence of this long coma will also mutate into zombies, and the probability of not evolving into zombies is several books higher. But according to all kinds of circumstances, it shows that Xing has evolved towards the aspect of power. Speaking of powers.. Guo Xiaobei glanced at Han Yang. I knew this guy was a power from the beginning, but I still don't know what kind of power this guy is. Is his power a knife? I thought there were two powers, plus a person with a cheating device, the battle should be able to carry, after all,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, such a large number of zombies appeared in the city, the base will certainly send people. As long as the rescue carried to the base arrives. But Guo Xiaobei obviously thought too much about beauty. Han Yang will be around the doors and windows are quickly blocked, time is too late, how much can be done. Han Yang, while busy, ordered Guo Xiaobei to help Xing Kui to a safe place. Xing Wei and Guo Xiaobei both looked surprised. Guo Xiaobei wondered why he didn't use a power, but when he saw the injuries on Xing's body and his weak appearance, he instantly understood the meaning of Han Yang. But Xing obviously didn't think so. Although he had just woken up, felt uncomfortable and suffered some skin injuries, he did not think he should be the one to be protected. Similar, Guo Xiaobei knows those, he also knows very clearly, he now knows not to become a zombie, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, also want to see if the rumor is true, he really has become a power! Xing just opened his mouth to say something and was interrupted by Han Yang. Don't think too much of the power. Han Yang opened his mouth coldly as he sealed the window. But I feel fine now, and I have no problem. The sound outside became clearer and clearer, and the messy scrubbing let him know that the zombies were getting closer and closer, but I'm afraid the number would exceed his imagination. No way. You stay there! Han Yang roared at Xing for the first time. Although his temper has always been bad, he has never been like this with Xing. Xing stayed for a moment, "I think I'm in good shape." "That's now. You won't say that after a while. That's how I came here. How could I not know?" Han Yang is really angry. Guo Xiaobei saw that the atmosphere was very stiff, and hurriedly held Xing, who had barely stood up. Brother Xing, listen to Lord Han. He must have a point in saying that. The most important thing is that Han Yang is already an evolutionist. He must have experienced something to say that. Xing, listen to me. Han Yang fortunately in the hands of the work is not dry, anyway can only guard against a while, here things are not iron plate steel plate, block half a day can not resist for long. We may not be able to take care of you later. You have to keep yourself safe. "I.." "Do as I say!" Han Yang was too lazy to explain again and pushed Xing Kui into his room. The town was built one by one. Every house has a street in front of it, and every house has neighbors on both sides, except, of course, on both sides. Han Yang's big bedroom, is the most inside, the side facing the sun is the window, outside the window is the iron guardrail, and Han Yang has been blocked with a cabinet. On the other three sides, one was back to the next door, the other was the living room, and the door was facing Xing's room. There are no windows on all sides, which can be said to be the safest place at present. Han Yang pulled the cabinet in the living room and blocked the door. "Xing, if we can survive, we will come in.". If you get through it, you can come out and help us. But not now! Han Yang's cold tone, showing a heavy. Guo Xiaobei can not help but be moved. Is it true that you can't resist this? Han Yang sat in the living room and did not speak, quietly looking outside the door, as if waiting for zombies. Guo Xiaobei sat uneasily aside, sorting out all the things that could be used in the system, and God knows when he could use them. If that fossil is still there.. "Lord Han." Guo Xiaobei shouted softly. Han Yang closed his eyes, as if he had fallen asleep, but Guo Xiaobei knew that he must not have slept, this time no one can sleep, not crazy is good. Han Yang did not speak, did not open his eyes, and did not even move. Guo Xiaobei had to continue to talk to himself. Is that stone still there? Han Yang suddenly opened his eyes. "What are you doing?" "I.." Guo Xiaobei struggled with how to explain, but Han Yang did not wait for him to say anything, directly from the inside pocket out of the light green into the fossil, thrown to Guo Xiaobei. The stone is warm and still green and pleasant. Guo Xiaobei looked through his hands several times and finally made up his mind,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, "Lord Han, give me your knife." "Are you going to cut it?" No, I'll help you. Polish it.. 。 pioneer-biotech.com