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Su Yu looked straight at Su Chen, "so your friend is not a person on earth." It was a statement, not a question, and it was clear that Su Yu had confirmed something. Su Chen glanced at his father and nodded,


"All right!" It was also a good idea to release all the prisoners. The crowd fled in all directions. If they were found, the pursuers did not know which end to chase. "Who can tell me where the more than one hundred people who came in yesterday are detained? I will release him." "Go inside and count down the numbers. The ones with three layers of chains are!" Several men interrupted, pointing to the depths of the cell as they spoke. I threw in a bunch of keys I had taken from the jailer. "Take your time to find them. Open the lock and you'll be out." All the prisoners inside stood up with excitement, groping for the keys with trembling hands and trying them one by one in the keyhole. Come on, get it off me! The prisoners in the other cells held out their hands. Don't make any noise. I'll kill whoever makes any noise! I made a cold sound, raised my wrist, and there was an extra sword in my hand, trembling slightly. No one dared to speak again, and they all looked anxiously at the one who opened the lock. I stepped forward. Cen Wuji and Bian Yu had already found someone. Liu Nianyao was lying by the prison door, clasping her hands with Bian Yu. When she saw me, she had tears in her eyes and said in disbelief, "Why did you come together?" I first brandished a sword and cut off the three layers of iron locks on the prison door. "I'm your husband," I joked. "Of course I'm coming to save you!" Xie Sanniang didn't know what was going on. "What's going on?" She asked. Gui Ran Jun chuckled, "San Niang, Bian Yu is not nervous. What are you nervous about?" As I continued to cut open the other three prison doors with my sword, I said, "Nian Yao married twice. I married the first time, and Bian Yu married the second time. Can't you do that?" Xie Sanniang looked at me in amazement: "Read.." Nian Yao,oil dropper bottle, you.. How can you have two husbands? Yin Liu, Rui Mu and Ai went out of the prison with a smile. They knelt down with Gui Ran Jun and said, "See your master!" Xie Sanniang exhaled softly: "Ah!"! You are.. "There's still so much etiquette now. Why don't you go?" I said, turning to Xie Sanniang, "Sanniang, Uncle Zhao is outside to meet you. Hurry up and take everyone away!" Liu Nianyao is estimated to move the fetal gas, abdominal pain,Blue Bottle Serum, Bian Yu held her horizontally in his arms, Cen Wuji protected her on one side, and everyone walked out in an orderly manner. We walked out of the prison smoothly and were preparing to retreat. All of a sudden, pine oil torches were lit all around. A group of people and horses appeared from both sides and surrounded us. The leader shouted, "How dare you, a bold thief! How dare you rob the prison! Kill me and leave no one behind!" The crowd surged, and the lawsuit with long guns and sharp swords came to us. Shit, I fell for it! The leader of the masked man who came to help me pointed his sword to the sky. "Fifteen will obey orders. The Lord has orders to protect the childe to the death!" Sixteen people came around and protected me in the center. The sword in their hands flew over, and the officers and soldiers who rushed over were cut under the sword one by one. It was a bloody storm for a while. I saw that Bian Yu and Cen Wuji were also blocked by the officers and soldiers. Bian Yu had to put Liu Nianyao on one side and waved his sword to meet the officers and soldiers. Leave me alone and get everyone out first! I shouted. But the masked man didn't listen to me. I stretched out my hand and grabbed the leader. "Tell them to save people!"! Your master asked you to help me save people, not to guard me! "I don't care about anyone else, but you can't do anything!" He answered. Feeling a gust of wind, I did not look, a sword brandished, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,Glass Cream Jars, stabbing me in the face of the pike broke into two parts. I gave the masked man a hard look and shouted, "Come with me, brothers who know kung fu!" Yin Liu, Rui Mu, Ai Bu and Gui Ran Jun gathered in front of me while fighting. I'll clear the way, and the four of you will escort us out. "Yes!" The four evil spirits answered in chorus. Master, and me! Xie Sanniang's palms flew up and down like a butterfly dancing, but it was a bloodthirsty butterfly, and wherever the wind went, someone would die. Zhao Ang's words flashed through my mind: "Xie Sanniang, formerly known as Zhao Lianxiang, is the wife of Xie Kunshan, the Sixth Dharma Protector of the Soul Chasing Pavilion. She lost her husband four years ago and is widowed. She has a unique martial art: Fire Cloud Palm." Among the officers and men, there were a dozen people who were highly skilled in martial arts, and they actually entangled the four evil spirits. One of them was a tall man with a square face, thick eyebrows and big eyes. He jumped over his head and jumped to the side of Bian Yu and Cen Wuji. He kicked Bian Yu with a series of legs and clapped his hands at Cen Wuji. He forced Bian Yu and Cen Wu back a few big steps. San Niang, protect Nian Yao! I said to Xie Sanniang. She answered yes and jumped to Liu Nianyao's side a few times. I squinted at Liu Nianyao's pale face and clenched her teeth, knowing that she must have endured great pain, fearing that the child would be lost! Who wants us dead? This moment can not be soft-hearted, do not want you to die, is my death! In the heart sends ruthlessly, the internal force concentrates on the sword, I one sword after another, a series of thrusts, only heard a burst of sound, there are blood beads splashed on my face, body, do not know which person. With the sword in my hand, I opened a road full of blood, beckoning everyone to rush out. The leading masked man in black was stunned for a moment, then waved his hand and beckoned the other fifteen people to come forward and help them evacuate the place. He also brandished his sword to join the four evil spirits and fought with the officers and soldiers. This man's martial arts were also extraordinary. With his joining, the four evil spirits immediately reversed the situation and gained the upper hand. I ran to Liu Nianyao's side. Bian Yu and Cen Wuji were still fighting with the Chinese character face. Together, they couldn't beat the man, which showed the man's high martial arts. When Liu Nianyao saw me coming, she called out to me with a light smile. She couldn't hold on any longer and fainted. There was a stream of blood from her lower body, which dyed her yellow clothes crimson. Nian Yao! Seeing this, Bian Yu shouted and rushed to this side. The left foot of the Chinese character face lightly hooked, kicked a broken sword from the ground, and shot at the back of Bian Yu's heart. Holding Liu Nianyao in my arms, I had no time to rescue her and exclaimed, "Be careful, Bian Yu!" At this time,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, a man flashed through the slanting thorn and pushed the edge jade away, but he could not dodge it, and the cutting sword plunged into his back heart. [121] Chapter 121 Stay Chapter 121stay.