The whole world is waiting for me to get a box lunch.

Su Yu looked straight at Su Chen, "so your friend is not a person on earth." It was a statement, not a question, and it was clear that Su Yu had confirmed something. Su Chen glanced at his father and nodded,


I used to like Xia Xia very much, but now I feel blind and wrong. Are those who say they want to change the woman's wife serious? Don't look at the character before deciding. ...... A video made Jiang get two hot searches. One is because she fell into the water without a stand-in, and the other is suspected of being bullied by the crew with Xia Ruan Ruan. "Ginger" people have asked the crew to give a statement, even the summer Ruan Ruan also scolded a bloody head. In the same crew, I can't see you with my head down. Seeing the two female protagonists in the drama hanging on the hot search, the creators are not happy. It's okay if it's because of acting, but this kind of tearing is particularly harmful. In particular, one side of the fans is hostile to the crew, so this hot search is even more unfriendly to them. Before the crew could come up with a solution, someone spread the news that Xia Ruan had fainted that day. Jiang fans were even more angry when they heard this. They said frankly that Xia Ruan Ruan's green tea had caused his family's artists to soak in cold water. It was difficult for them not to apologize many times, but also to sell miserably. But from the video, it was Jiang who fell into the water, and Xia Ruan Ruan just stood beside him and played a few pulling scenes. [Fall to the ground casually, I'm afraid it's not made of paper.] He should know that he was afraid of being torn up, so he simply pretended to faint and the villain complained first. [If you don't know, I thought you used a lot of strength. Xia Ruan Ruan's performance is not very good, but it's very professional to touch porcelain.] ...... A video, a message, directly gave Xia Ruan Ruan a "crime". The crew were all dumbfounded. At first, some people thought that Jiang had fallen into the water many times, but Xia Ruan Ruan did not seem to have done it on purpose. As for the fainting, everyone was at the scene and heard the hospital say that the situation was critical. If it's just a play, there's no need to send it to the hospital. Just now this situation, how to look at how unfavorable to Xia Ruan Ruan. No one believes that there is a good acting, and that if you don't pretend to be ill,small gold wash plant, you will be regarded as selling miserably. With the same crew, Jiang's move is really useful, but also a bit too much. Although sympathizes with Xia Ruan Ruan, but at present this condition as if nobody can help her. Just came back from the hospital to suffer this kind of abuse, is also really miserable. Che Che saw that the hot search was so angry that he wanted to roll up his sleeves and tear with sunspots. The system is prompted to lose some fans, so the life span is also reduced by a few days. Xia Ruan Ruan, on the one hand, laments that people's love is short, and that those who say they love you today may wish to turn their heads and kill you tomorrow. So, like this kind of thing is the most unreliable, and there is no need to care too much. If it does not affect the value of life, Xia Ruan Ruan may not care. However, Jiang incited so many people to scold her, gold shaking table ,tin beneficiation plant, apparently not caring about her life. There is no lack of intrigue in the entertainment circle, and it is also common to step on each other's marketing. But the design slanders others, then this heart is too ruthless. Xia Ruan Ruan did not want to endure, nor was he prepared to endure. To put it bluntly, who knows if there is such a thing as tomorrow? Why should I be wronged. But before she could figure out what to do, someone had already done it for her. Online scolding is fierce, the spearhead is all aimed at Xia Ruan Ruan. It is not unprecedented for an actor in the same crew to tear up the position. In this case, it is generally not easy for the crew to come forward, so as not to offend both sides. However, the official blog of "Love You Through Time and Space" did not choose to turn a blind eye to it, but directly released a video. Previously, Jiang's video was taken secretly, and it was a little far away to see the specific situation. The video released by the crew is the same one shot by different cameras, without editing and dead angle, which truly restores the situation at that time. From the video released by the crew, Xia Ruan Ruan's acting is really no problem at all. Instead, Jiang either moved half a beat slowly or forgot his lines. A fall into the water shot several times, every time she went to dry when Xia Ruan Ruan can only wait there, such a cold day and the scene of pushing, Xia Ruan Ruan's face can be seen with the naked eye for a moment. When she finally got to the back, she fell to the ground. Followed by the first aid with the group of doctors and the restoration of the scene, even across the screen, we can see how nervous we were at that time. ***, this video looks so angry. If Xia Ruan Ruan was deliberately bad, he deserved to be scolded, but it was clear that Jiang was not acting well. Making some low-level mistakes over and over again, I can't blame Xia Ruan Ruan. [Looking at Ruan Ruan's helpless eyes, he instantly felt that someone emmm himself did not act well and dragged down the whole crew to work overtime, and then the video came out to sell miserably, which was also 6666] As soon as I said this upstairs, I suddenly wondered if that man had done it on purpose. At least after acting for so many years, you can't even shoot such a simple scene. If that's the case, I'm afraid to think about it. Jiang was originally a villain. Before filming with other artists, the little sister was blacklisted from the circle by the whole network. It's just that her fans have been tearing her apart so much recently that a lot of things haven't come out. At first I thought Jiang was pitiful, but now I think Xia Ruan is miserable. It's really a terrible thing to be on the set with such a person. ...... It seems that in a moment, the public opinion on the Internet has completely changed. How high Jiang was praised before, how strong he is now. Apart from some old fans who still insist that this is Xia Ruan Ruan's whitewashing plan, anyone with a little brain thinks that Jiang is a bit bad. Even many of Jiang's own fans have taken off their fans and feel that they can't accept their favorite sister using such vicious means to frame others. Hurry up and find someone to do public relations. Jiang never dreamed that the crew would come out like this. Originally everything is in her plan, as long as Xia Ruan Ruan reputation is bad, she does not have to be pressed and do not have to worry about the scenes being reduced. Now that the crew has come out to send a video to hit the face, it is already open to stand in line with Xia Ruan Ruan. No, I'm not convinced. Why do you treat me like this? Jiang was angry,tin beneficiation plant, but he had to soften his posture and immediately knocked on Feng Wengao's door. What are you doing here? "Director Feng, it's me." Jiang stood at the door and tidied up his skirt, then knocked on the door and whispered. Enter. 。