Battle of Nujiang _ Nanpai Sanshu

Original Title: Bafanglutong Analysis: Classification of Down-the-hole Drill How to determine the classification of down-the-hole drill?


For a moment, Zhao Banguo wanted to give up. In the past few weeks, he had the same mentality as the military doctor. He could understand the military doctor's resistance to returning to the savage mountain, but he had to complete his own task, and the military doctor's experience was something he relied on very much. Want to say a few cruel words, but also see the old straw bag for a month, the back is more bent, that old face let his heart a sour, think of the scene of the old straw bag desperately saving people in the poisonous forest, the cruel words immediately can not say. Knowing that he could not continue, he had to drop a sentence that you should think about it again and turn away. He did not want to give up, but it was not a good thing to push too hard, and there were two people behind him. It's not wise to waste too much time on military doctors at this time. If you can win over Wang Siqi or Xiao Dao first, and then come to the old man, maybe there will be a turn for the better. He asked the guard to find someone to watch the old straw bag, and he went to another camp to find a knife. Xiao Dao's station was far away, and it took him two hours to see the former pathfinder. He was obviously not very popular, the knife did not have a good face, has been playing with the dagger in his hand, coldly listening to his words of persuasion. Zhao Banguo beat a drum in his heart and stared at the dagger in the knife's hand. He was really worried that this man would refuse him directly with the dagger for a while. He did not hear the words of refusal, on the contrary, the knife just said lightly: "Or back to the savage mountain?"? All right, I'll go. Without waiting for Zhao Banguo to react, Xiao Dao went to the door of the tent and lifted the curtain. He said with an expressionless face, "When are you leaving? Call me." Zhao Banguo opened his mouth wide and was completely shocked by the cold strength of this guy, Liao Guoren. But for a moment he understood why the knife had done so. He was a little touched. It seems that the knife is still unable to let go of Liao Guoren's death, so anxious to go back, certainly still want to pay back the debt of human life in his heart as soon as possible. Very sigh, although the knife and his pursuit is different, but the same life and death are put aside. Thinking of this, Zhao Banguo said sincerely, "Knife, I thank you." But the knife threw out a sentence: "I am not for you, so don't thank me.". In addition, I have a request that those who are new to the team should be trained by me. Then, cold tunnel, "this time, I will not drag anyone down, but also do not allow others to drag me down!" w w w. xiao shuotxt. co m Part II Chapter 27 New People .t|xt. Small . Shuo Tian + Tang Returning to the room and seeing that it was still early, Zhao Banguo opened Wang Siqi's information. Four eyes are the most open-minded of the four of them, unlike the military doctor and himself who have the days of self-abandonment, gambling and drinking, nor like the knife who only stays in his own world, Cantilever Storage rack , he has been working in the military headquarters. Looking at those materials, Zhao Banguo felt incredible. He used to think that this man was the most unfathomable person besides Long Hair. Now it seems that he was right. When he found Wang Siqi, he was busy in the office camp of the division headquarters because of the affairs of the big counterattack. At first glance, the two bars and two stars on his epaulets were very conspicuous. Looks like he got a commendation, too. And the other two people's reaction is completely different, there is no resistance and indifference, just like seeing an old friend, Wang Siqi happily beckoned him to sit down, poured tea, and then tidied up the text in his hand, pulled him out of the tent. This attitude is obviously beyond Zhao Banguo's expectations, simply say the situation directly, and then wait for an answer. Where are the others? Wang Siqi did not promise directly and looked at the sky. "What did they say?" With a smile, knowing what he should know and not hiding anything, he made it clear about the knife and the old straw bag. Hearing that the military doctor did not promise to look like he was not afraid of death, Wang Siqi sneered: "This old straw bag, half included, you should give him something to see. He is the kind of person who does not cry without seeing the coffin.". ” Not sure what Wang Siqi meant, Zhao Banguo said vaguely, "Yes, I'll go to him later. Now it's your problem. I've said what I should say. Will you help me?" Wang Siqi paused, his glasses reflecting, and said without expression, "What's the difference between promising or not to promise this kind of thing?" After a pause, he said lightly, "I knew when I came back with that thing. Things in the mountains are not over. Sooner or later, there will be such a thing for us.". I just didn't think they'd make you captain, but it's all right. Since it was a direct order from the chief of staff to go back, as a soldier, I promised. This person's attitude does not know how to describe completely, but since he has promised, Zhao Banguo still feels gratified. He knew that Wang Siqi's mind was much more meticulous than his own, and that he must think more thoroughly than himself. After having a dispute in the heart, he promised a big reward and so on. Zhao Banguo knew that it was a little vulgar, but sometimes it was necessary. But Wang Siqi laughed and said, "You treat him as a long hair. I don't need that. I just need to know when we're leaving." The rest of the time revolves around some details of re-entering the mountain. First of all, I said that we need to select new players, plus we have to cooperate with the timing of the big counterattack, so we won't have too much time. We may have to go to the Nujiang River after half a month of training. But Wang Siqi just silently, did not raise any questions, which let Zhao Banguo more good feelings for him. In fact, the military didn't know the exact location of the thing they needed to find. They only knew that it was transported on the plane and had something to do with the wreckage of the half plane they had seen before. What he had to do was to seize the time and get it back at all costs before the Japanese found it. The chief of staff did not explain the details to him, not knowing whether it was because he did not know or because the secret level was too high. But even so, Zhao Banguo was dumbfounded at that time. How can the decisive factor in a war be in one thing? He doesn't understand. But this is not important, he wants to open, under the big counterattack, he this kind of small soldier dies everywhere is a death, has the choice to die, at least still understood. Although it sounds beautiful to resist Japanese aggression for the sake of the country, it has no substantive significance for him.