Biography of Lao Tzu

Original Title: Bafanglutong Analysis: Classification of Down-the-hole Drill How to determine the classification of down-the-hole drill?


The reason why this Huawu is called Huawu is that it is really beautiful. The house is tall and big. Apart from the four thick rolling dragon pillars, there was no other mountain in the room, but a large space inside and outside. Seen from the outside, the red walls and green tiles are resplendent in gold and jade, the four corners are high, and the golden lotus-shaped ceramic crown (glazed earthen pot) stands in the center of the ridge of the house. When the sun shines, up and down, dazzling bright light, colorful, flashing. At this time, on both sides of the steps at the door, there were two rows of guards of honor. They went to the Meridian Gate one by one. Inside, the floor was covered with red felt, and on the back wall hung a picture of crimson satin embroidered with a huge golden dragon in the shape of a special middle hall. On either side of the "middle hall" were four yellow banners, and on either side of the pillars stood two guards in yellow, each of them magnificent and burly; Behind the guards on both sides, there were three rows of musicians, eight in each row. They held gold, stone, bamboo, earth, leather and wood, and eight kinds of musical instruments, called eight tones. There were twenty-four people in the three rows. Together, there were six bands on both sides. There were forty-eight people in total. According to the regulations at that time, the son of heaven band was eight (teams), the vassal band was six, and the doctor band was four. This was a second-class imperial edict. King Jing deliberately cut down the two palms, and on the ground in the middle and at the back was a huge sandalwood dragon table,radio shuttle racking, on which were placed brushes, inkstones, silks, and bamboo slips. On each side of the dragon table were four private seats. On the western seat, from outside to inside, sat Wang Zichao (King Jing's beloved son), Dafu Binmeng, Da Zongbo (an official in the Ministry of Rites), and Tai Zai (an official in the Ministry of Personnel); On the east side of the seat, from outside to inside, respectively,warehouse rack manufacturer, sat Zhao Zhuanggong (name called Huan), Gan Pinggong (name called), next to Gan Pinggong to the inside, is two empty seats, that is intended to wait for the arrival of Ji Rugong and Li Laodan. At the back of the dragon table, on the special dragon chair carved with rolling dragons, under the protection of a palace maid holding a dragon, a phoenix, a sun, and a moon, sat an old man in his seventies, wearing a flat crown, an ochre yellow robe, a yellow face, a high nose, and a gray beard. He frowned and squinted, looking unhappy. Who is this person? He was the famous emperor of the Dynasty, King Jing of Zhou, named Ji Gui. At this time, Mr. Laodan, Warehouse storage racks ,long span shelving, accompanied by Ji Rugong, walked comfortably into the gate of Wuchao, looked at the guards of honor on both sides with a grateful face, then looked straight ahead and walked up the steps of Huawu. Ji Rugong shouted, "Long live Li Wan! Long live Li Wan coming to pay his respects!" Then they stepped into the room. The ministers, doctors and princes on the seats on both sides of the dragon table stood up in silence. Laodan stopped, stood safely on the ground, gentle and respectful, bowed his head and looked at the red carpet in front of the dragon table (he did not bend down in front of the king), and said in a loud voice with love and respect: "See long live!"! To ask long live your body is good? Can the dragon drive safely? "Thank you for asking." King Jing of Zhou nodded his head slightly, and the string of pearls and jade on the crown of Pingtian moved a few times. Please let Li Jue pay homage to the shrine with the ceremony of nine guests. At this time, Ji Rugong, who was standing beside Laodan, said so. Immediately, eight kinds of musical instruments, such as gold, stone, bamboo silk, earth, leather and wood, were played together. Mr. Laodan pulled back his posture and wanted to make a big gift to the nine guests. King Jing shook his head gently. Ji Ru saw this and quickly waved to the band. The music that had just started came to a halt. When Laodan saw that King Jing's face was not good, he did not understand the meaning, but no matter what was good or bad, he had no fear at all. He stopped his steps, stood firmly, and, as before, bowed his hand respectfully and looked down at the red carpet in front of the dragon table. Please let Li Jue pay homage to the shrine with simple courtesy. Ji Rugong smiled and said another word. Long live me. Please accept Li Jue's worship. Mr. Laodan said, pulling open the frame, bending down and bowing, then skillfully kneeling on the ground, hitting the first, hitting the first again, three times, four times! Then he lay on the ground and did not move. Li Jue, get up quickly without ceremony and take a seat. King Jing said a word, and his face began to improve. Laodan stood up with a bow and stood there again. Ji Rugong asked him to take a seat in the innermost seat on the east side of the Dragon Case. Laodan refused anyway, saying in his mouth: "Ji Gongzun is here, and the late born can't sit in the upper seat in any case.". ” Ji Gong saw that he refused resolutely and let him sit down in the second seat in the east row from inside to outside. At this time, the presence of Gongqing, the doctor and the prince also all took their seats. King Ji Gui's face turned better. King Jing of the Zhou Dynasty, who had recently suffered from a minor illness (in the second year after this year, he died suddenly, and the court began to be in chaos), was unable to enter the palace on the 23rd. On the evening of the 25th, he recovered from a minor illness and remembered that he was going to meet a wise man with a strange appearance. He was very happy and planned to do it by the way when he went to the temple on the 26th. Unexpectedly, when I was happy, I fell asleep very late at night, and the next day I slept until the morning was almost over and didn't wake up. When he got up, he was relaxed and happy, and on a whim, he wanted to see what Li Jue looked like immediately, so he broke the rules and informed the officials in charge of etiquette and the officials in charge of etiquette, as well as Aiko and several other people at any time. From the middle of the hour, he held the interview at the Chinese House. This kind of reception is different from the reception in the main hall, which is not necessarily the gathering of the three dukes and six ministers in Your Highness. Before this interview, King Jing's heart was full of novelty, but when the time came, his mood was sometimes bad and sometimes better. After Mr. Laodan took his seat, he was a little nervous. He kept silent and waited for the son of heaven to speak sincerely and respectfully. I've heard about Li Xianshi. I've wanted to see you for a long time, and I've seen you today. King Jing looked at Laodan's snow-white beard, which was a little out of harmony with his face, and a sense of interest rose from his heart. His voice was not loud,Industrial pallet rack, and he seemed to be very casual, but the meaning was very solemn. "I sent you to Kyoto today. I have something to say to you face to face. I have something to discuss with you face to face.". "What on earth is it? Now Brother Wang is telling you from the root to the tip." Speaking of this, he moved the corners of his mouth with a smile and looked at Ji Rugong several times in succession.