All-round wizard

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After saying this sentence, Qingxu Lao Dao seems to be a little tired, actually closed his eyes, sitting there no longer speak.

After saying this sentence, Qingxu Lao Dao seems to be a little tired, actually closed his eyes, sitting there no longer speak. Others did not feel that there was anything abnormal, but only Qin Fang knew that the old way was the real understanding person! The presence of so many people, in addition to Qingxu Laodao is the supreme realm of the strong, the strongest others are only the peak of the large division level, no one can see through the real strength of Qin Fang. Including the master of Shiliang. It is precisely because of this, Qingxu Lao Dao will agree to Qin Fang's proposal. But he just made a forced gesture, clearly waiting for the people of the stone beam to take the bait! "Master Shi, please." Qin Fang naturally won't expose the calculation of the old way of Qingxu, he is now a member of the old way, even if he worships the Kunlun School, he will certainly belong to the school of Qingxu. Has become like this, the stone beam of that department is estimated to have long hated him! With the "very helpless" consent of Qingxu Laodao, Shiliang seemed very excited, and at this time Qin Fang seemed to be a little eager to try. Please Shi Liang would not be the slightest bit polite to Qin Fang. He immediately hugged his fists and said reluctantly. Then there was a shock of Gang Qi, and the vigorous protective Gang Qi completely wrapped his body in it. It's really awesome. See this vigorous protection Gang gas, is Qin Fang as an opponent, but also can not help but praise. Qin Fang knows a large number of division level masters, can steadily suppress the stone beam, one hand can be counted. You can see how difficult the stone beam is! "Ladies and gentlemen, I may be able to do my best this time. Be more careful!" Qin Fang, however, did not rush to start, but gave the other Kunlun disciples a reminder in advance. Do it quickly, don't be so wordy! However, the reaction of these Kunlun disciples is obviously not very yiy yiyàng. Some people heard Qin Fang's reminder, seemed to be thoughtful, then automatically retreated a certain safe distance, and even powerful also raised their own protective spirit, such as the sword breeze familiar with Qin Fang. And some people, is quite disdainful of Qin Fang's reminder, not only stood there without moving, but also disliked Qin Fang's nonsense too much, directly shouted up. Just do not know whether they are anxious to watch the fun, or they want to see the stone beam to clean up the Qin side! Choke ~ ~ ~ What should be said has been said, Qin Fang is also a slight shock, the back immediately flew out of a sword, immediately released a clear dragon "Yin" sound. "Good sword." Among the Kunlun disciples present, there were quite a few who knew the goods. When they saw the light of the sword flowing and the sword singing like a dragon, they knew that this sword was definitely not an ordinary one. Shadow Sword? Even people who are addicted to swords, such as Jian Qingfeng yiy yiy àng, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet crates, even call out the name of this sword. Master Shi, I don't want to take advantage of you. Let's use weapons.. Shadow sword in hand, Qin Fang also did not start, or politely said to the stone beam. "No need.." Shi Liang's face was proud, and although he knew that the sword in Qin Fang's hand was not ordinary, he still felt that he was absolutely sure. However, before he had finished speaking, he noticed his master's eyes and immediately added, "When it's time for me to use weapons, I will use them naturally.." "Cut ~ ~ ~" Originally heard the proud attitude of Shiliang, several brothers wanted to shout "good", but suddenly heard the words behind, this to the mouth of the praise, but also immediately turned into contempt! Just a few simple words, the image of Shiliang in the eyes of many brothers suddenly collapsed, but the image of Qin Fang became very tall. At least in terms of personal demeanor, it is not one or two grades higher than Shiliang! "In that case, I won't stand on ceremony." For Shiliang this kind of "two skin face" behavior, Qin Fang did not care much, just a simple greeting, this competition, even if it is officially started. If you pay careful attention, you will find that Qin Fang's eyes imply a cold killing machine! There is no doubt that Shi Liang's repeated provocations and false accusations have completely angered Qin Fang. Even if this is the home of the Kunlun faction, even if there is such a supreme strong person as Qingxu Laodao, Qin Fang did not intend to give Shiliang face, or even. If possible, he will teach this stone beam a good lesson! More likely, if conditions permit, it may not be impossible to kill Shiliang. (To be continued). Mobile phone users please go to.) Chapter Table of Contents Chapter 1890 Burn your dusty face! First watch, ask for subscription, monthly ticket ~ ~ ~ ~ …… Although Qin Fang is not the kind of person with a small stomach, he will never be soft-handed in the face of such aggressive behavior. Even if he knew that he would offend someone by doing so, he would not care. It can be said that Qin Fang along the way, there is no smooth road, are from the edge of life and death to kill a blood road. Almost all of his enemies are more powerful than him. When Qin Fang was penniless, he dared to fight against Li Rui, the underground king of Ninghai. Then he dared to kill the people of the Tianchi Sect before the master arrived, and then he offended Tangmen, and then he encountered one strong enemy after another. Moreover, as his strength continues to improve, his enemies are becoming more and more powerful. But so what? Qin Fang is not still alive, but his enemies, not one or two dead. The Kunlun Sect, which is the leader of Wulin, may be really powerful, but Qin Fang is not worried about it. Had it not been for that wild little secret land,plastic pallet suppliers, in order to break through to the great master level, he would have been too lazy to join the Kunlun Sect! If he was really "forced" to be anxious, Qin Fang immediately turned around and took refuge in other clans.