Oriental Jade Concentric Sword

Tsao Feng-chun said, "I've been ordered by my father to congratulate you on the grand opening ceremony of your island.


Tsao Feng-chun said, "I've been ordered by my father to congratulate you on the grand opening ceremony of your island. My father didn't tell me when he left. I want you to come." Turning to the door of your island, my father's letter only explained that he had no time to be separated, and ordered the next representative to come and congratulate him. Chen. There is also no word that the next three will be transferred to the main door of the island. I came to attend the conference as a guest, and it seems that there is no need to report it. Name to serve your island, the conference is over, your island gift should send guests out of the island, not to mention what to forget the recent events pills, expensive! The island this kind of measure, has palpitates the common feelings, hinders the next brother to accept with difficulty. These words, righteous words, listen to all the people who have signed up, the heart has a resonance. Yue Xiaolong thought to himself, "I saw him chasing He Jiajia yesterday. He was a lecherous fanatic. I didn't expect him to be in trouble." Don't be afraid to say what others dare not say! Ban yuan's eyes suddenly opened, and two cold rays of light forced him to watch the three men of the Sharp Sword Gate. "This is the rule of the religious leader," he said coldly. No one can change it. Cao Fengchun smiled coldly and said, "Even if someone reluctantly throws himself into your island, I'm afraid it's difficult for the Lord of your island to impose such a one-sided rule." It's hard to be convinced. Ban yuan's eyes flashed a trace of ferocity and he said coldly, "As long as the three of you ask yourself if you can rush out of this hall, I'll see you off." They left Tongsha Island safely. Cao Fengchun looked at the two younger martial brothers around him, but he hesitated. "This is the only way we can do it," said Ban yuan in a cold voice. Cao Fengchun looked at the class sitting on the head, two black-clad maids, one left and one right, standing on both sides, sitting behind the long table by the manager. General Manager Xia just greeted the guests and stood aside without saying a word. The nearest of these men was four or five feet away from him, and none of them had the intention of stopping him, so he felt emboldened. Secretly, he winked at the two men around him. One of them raised his eyes and said, "It's the master's intention, but do you want me to use my weapon?" "Kuaidao Gate in Shanxi is good at swordsmanship," said Ban yuanwei. "Now that I've allowed you to rush out of the hall with your martial arts, it's natural. With the use of weapons, it is also good for you to die without regret. Cao Fengchun and the two Younger Martial Brothers had already secretly gathered their strength. When they heard this, they said, "Since the master of the hall has said so, I am respectful to you." It's better to obey orders. The voice just came out, suddenly a whirl, double foot a meal, drink a way: "Let's go!" Three figures, as swift as a startled swan, flew out of the hall! Ban yuan laughed, only to see him with a chair, suddenly flew up in the air, over the heads of three people, and landed at the door of the hall. He yuan To the south and sit, but the chair fell to the ground, has turned the direction, sitting facing north, just to block the people who rushed out of the hall. This move is really faster than lightning, he is behind Cao Fengchun three people, but falls in front of three people, still the same original style, big horse. Sitting upright on the chair of the golden knife. Cao Fengchun's body rose and suddenly felt a gust of wind passing over his head. The figure in front of his eyes flashed, and Ban yuan, with his chair, facial recognization camera , was already in front of him. Face! My heart suddenly sank, knowing that the other side's martial arts are much better than my own, this is the only chance to escape! Between eagerness, that also Hesitate? Body did not stop, a silver rainbow has flown from the front of him, after the knife, fiercely to the class far when the head split, mouth drink a way: "Be careful, Lord!" Shanxi sharp knife door really shot like electricity, this knife, almost a lot of people even how he shot, did not see clearly! Nope! At the mouth of Cao Fengchun's shout, the other two men had already swept to the side of the class, and two sharp knives, one left and one right, were twisted at the same time. To. Even if the class far martial arts is the highest, these three sharp knife straight split horizontal, almost has sealed all the places that can dodge, not to mention Ban yuan did not dodge at all, but still sat upright as before. Cao Fengchun a knife chop, see class far unexpectedly do not move, the heart is not aware of great surprise, at this time the blade from his head, already Less than five inches. He used to be a suspicious man, but suddenly he felt something was wrong. The sword was hanging in the air for a moment. "Why didn't you give way, Lord?" He shouted. Ban yuan looked coldly and said, "It's not good for me to try your knife's sharpness." The voice did not fall, but listen to "bang" and "bang" two, left and right two handle single knife, a handle in the vest, a handle on the chest. In Jianghu, Kuaidao Gate is famous for its quick use of swords. The swords used are all made of gold and steel. Ordinary swords should be made immediately. But these two knives, in the class far body, unexpectedly like hit on the iron stone in general! Just listen to two people in the mouth stuffy hum, ascend the back. Straight back two or three steps, a fall sitting on the ground, pale face, even fainted in pain! It turned out that the two men were afraid that the knife could not hurt Ban yuan, so they used all their strength and were shocked by Ban yuan's internal force. Where could they stand it? A pair of right arms were broken at once. This is a matter of a moment, Cao Fengchun suddenly saw two younger martial brothers were wounded at the same time fell to the ground, can not help but surprised, hurriedly embrace knife jump Back off. Listen to class far to drink coldly only: "Cheap you, go! Go!" Suddenly, with a wave of his big sleeve, the sandalwood chair flew back to the hall. Cao Fengchun's voice came to his ears, and when he waited to dodge, it was already too late, but he felt an invisible potential, weighing over the mountains, and approaching his chest. As soon as he choked, he suddenly closed his breath. All the people in the hall looked at the loss of the city. Ban yuan had already returned to the head with his chair. His face was expressionless. "Send them to the back," he said in a deep voice. Several black-clad warriors came into the hall and carried the three men out. As soon as Ban yuan's eyes moved, he turned to Manager Xia and said, "Xia yuankai." Manager Xia hurriedly bowed and answered "yes". "Take them back to Yixiu Hall," said Ban yuan. He stood up and walked to the back of the hall. Tian Buyi shrugged his shoulders, picked up the roster, arched his hands toward the summer manager, followed him step by step behind the class, and went inside. Two black-clad maids followed in. Manager Xia straightened up and heaved a sigh of relief. "Congratulations," he said with a smile. "We passed smoothly. Now we are all one family. We've been tossing about all day. Now we can have a rest. Please go back to Yixiu Hall with your brothers. He Jiajia winked at him and said in a charming voice, "Manager Xia, are we under Zhu Yi's door like this?" Manager Xia couldn't help swallowing saliva and said with a smile, "Of course it's not that simple." He Jiajia asked, "What should we do?" 。 hsdtouch.com