Super abomination

The two puppies kept swallowing saliva, and the big tongues in their mouths trembled gently with short breathing.


The two puppies kept swallowing saliva, and the big tongues in their mouths trembled gently with short breathing. Along the tip of the tongue, the "tick" of the greedy water is particularly loud in the quiet cave. Two adult kobolds are much more cautious. The limbs are on the ground, the muscles of the whole body are stretched, and they can attack or retreat at any time. A slightly stronger male kobold with a big tongue that kept "wheezing", jjng tirelessly moved to a position five meters away from the mountain master and refused to approach again. He stretched his neck, stood on tiptoe, and leaned forward slightly, but the male dog's head dared not come any closer. Shan Ye's auricles moved, and he could even hear the sound of the kobold rolling his throat. Slow down every movement, with a soft expression like the sunshine brother next door. Without rashly talking, the mountain master just gently twisted his body and made himself face a few kobolds, which startled them to pout their buttocks and shake their eggs. With a slight squint, the mountain master took a deep breath. The cool moisture was inhaled into the lungs, and the anger in the chest slowly calmed down. Keeping a kind gesture, Shan Ye slowly calmed down in his mind, and some pictures of his childhood gradually emerged. When Shan Ye was a child, he had no friends. Once, when taking out the garbage, he came across a small spotted wild cat, and the mountain master left for a little leftover. After several encounters, the piebald kitten gradually took off its guard against the mountain master and began to get close to him. Shan Ye vaguely remembered that at the beginning,face recognition identification kiosk, the Pussycat, like these kobolds, was full of jjng tit, and when he was a few meters away, he would run away. After thinking deeply, Shan Ye slowly straightened his mind and put aside a portion of gopher n'nǎi soup and browned sliced tenderloin, while he gently walked away from it for more than ten meters. Turning his back, the mountain master ate and drank by himself, but his ears stood up like radar. Ten minutes,information kiosk price, no movement. Twenty minutes later, a loud noise came from the food. The sound is very light, and intermittent, the mountain master is patient, did not turn around, even the movement has not changed. After observing and hesitating for a while, a few jjng kobolds were sure that there was no danger. The puppy lay one meter away from the tenderloin, with two black and bright eyes, and opened them to the maximum. Satin desire flickers in the eyes, but with a fear and fear of the unknown. Wet collapsed nose, quickly incited, bursts of good smell that makes the stomach bag uncomfortable, hard to drill into the puppy's nostrils. Roll the throat, spit out the wet tongue, greedy water along the tip of the tongue, interactive whiteboard prices ,digital whiteboard price, under the puppy, there is a small puddle. The two paws moved forward inch by inch, clinging to the cold ground, as if the yellowed and fragrant tenderloin would disappear if the noise was louder. Adult kobolds are much bolder than puppies. The paws of an adult kobold have been divided into five irregular finger prototypes. It was hairy and not very flexible, and the knuckles were always bent, which made it look stiff and clumsy. Pure and smooth gopher n'nǎi soup, suddenly poking into a hairy, badly bent finger. After the finger was covered with nnǎi soup, it shrank back with a "whoosh". Several kobolds, with a low cry of excitement, withdrew several meters and gathered around, looking joyfully at the finger covered with RR white sènǎi soup. 138. There's a way Greedy water soon soaked the chest hair, adult male X xìng kobold, instinctively from the throat, rolled out a low roar. Puppies, female X xìng kobolds shrank their necks and lay on the ground to show their submission. Satisfied with the low roar effect, the male kobold stretched out his tongue, which had been soaked by the greedy water, and licked it gently and carefully on the finger covered with gopher n nǎi soup. The tongue licked, and a lot of sparse hair rolled into the mouth. A slight sweet and sour, wrapped in a light spicy taste, jumped on the tip of the male kobold's tongue. His whole body trembled with billions of pores, and his tongue slid, trying to keep the delicious taste in his mouth for a while longer. Mmm! Mmm! Male X xìng kobold throat, uncontrolled bursts of enjoyment of the muffled roar, slightly closed dog eyes, like a gourmet master, shaking his head. "Woo! Woo!" There was a low and light cry. The male kobold looked down and saw that it was the puppy who was eagerly pulling his clothes and staring at the finger dipped in the gopher n nǎi soup. Proudly put his finger in front of the puppy, the other side was not polite, the big mouth bit on it, and before he could taste it, he was knocked on the head by a powerful hand. With the male X xìng kobold in his mouth, he refused to let go of his fingers, and the puppy looked at the male X xìng kobold pitifully. Male X xìng kobold whispered a few words of reprimand, and then the puppy clicked his tongue a few times and opened his mouth to spit out the fingers of male X xìng kobold. The female X xìng kobold was already waiting on one side, and despite the fact that there was still a lot of puppy saliva stuck to it, she took the same mouthful into her mouth and sucked it hard. Moments later, the male kobold pulled out his finger with some difficulty and shook it so hard that it hurt. Some swollen fingers. Immediately, the eyes of several kobolds fell on the browned and fragrant tenderloin. "If you don't want to choke yourself to death, you'd better drink more soup and not eat too much meat," said the silent human suddenly. His voice was gentle and soft, and he did not even turn his body. The tense muscles of several kobolds slowly relaxed, looking at the mountain master's eyes, gradually less hostile and jjng tit. Ding! The kobold favor increases 2 points, the condition is strange! The system prompt came. The expression on Shan Ye's face slowly relaxed. Breathe a sigh of relief. Move gently, and fill out a few bowls of nnǎi soup, Shan Ye slowly turned around, trying to make himself look kind. "Whoosh!" Several kobolds curled up together again, shaking their buttocks and burying their heads in their crotches. Shan Ye's eyes jumped and his facial muscles twitched, but he still tried to slow down his pace and slowly came to their position a few meters away. Holding a bowl of nnǎi soup,digital signage screen, Shan Ye tried to touch it head-on: "Come and taste it.". I made it myself, and it tastes very good! As he spoke, he deliberately made a loud gulping sound and drank a bowl of nnǎi soup.