Thoughts after going to the games I attended the games this past weekend

Thoughts after going to the games
I attended the games this past weekend


, with Dr. Who62, and had some thoughts about the experience:- I like the Key Bank Center.It appears to be in good shape.I had read there are some who believe it needs a makeover; I disagree Steven Fogarty Pillow Cover.We sat in the 100's for Detroit and the 300's for Winnipeg.Different perspectives for each (obviously), but both were good for watching the game.The seats were in good shape Jake McCabe T-Shirt, the hallways at both levels were OK and I could move in both.As long as the team and the city/county keep up with the regular maintenance and cleaning, the arena should last a long time.- Getting in and out was okay Danny Gare Hoodie.Moving between 17 and 19,000 people in and out can be tricky but KBC did a good job keeping us moving.The wait to get in did not take too long.- The people working at KBC, like most people in Buffalo, were friendly and helpful.- The DJ who was screaming during the time outs should go away.He may be there to rev up the fans (after complaints about the low energy of the crowd), but given the team we have now there was plenty of energy in the building any event, someone screaming to the fans to be loud is not going to make them loud; good play will. The music during the timeouts could be a little lower (but that could also be my age) Derek Roy Pillow Cover.- Previous games I've been to I've stayed near the Metro and taken that to the game.Driving downtown for these was an eye-opener.I was surprised at the traffic jams getting off the 190 and on the streets around the arena.That traffic movement, or lack thereof, would be a reason not to build a new football stadium downtown (that and the potential lack of tailgating).- The streets in Buffalo are in desperate need of resurfacing.Some of them looked like bombs have gone off on them. The money Cuomo spent on the solar panel plant would be better spent on the roads.Too bad roads aren't as sexy as solar panels.- The Sabres look like they are a defenseman and a forward and a half away from being good.They are young and need to mature and grow as players.-Overall the game experiences were good (except for losing to the 'Peg after and obvious interference penalty) and I commend the organization for what they are doing