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A personal statement is very crucial piece of writing that is required when you’re applying to college. It can be a make-or-break deal when evaluating your potential chances of admission to your dream school. Therefore, a well-crafted personal statement can do wonders for you. In this article today you will see a sample of personal statements along with some tips for writing your own. A personal statement can get difficult to write as well if you are unsure about where to start and how to formulate your content. Therefore, you can always take help from academic papers that can help you in guiding you and getting you started to writing your statement.

I am a runner. It is more of a hobby than a professional endeavor. Nevertheless, I love running as for me nothing beats a cold morning jog. With my heart pounding faster, I find freedom dashing through the wind. My body feels light as my mind fills with ideas and hence, the whole experience becomes exhilarating. At least that was the case back in my high school days when I used to live in a boarding school in a hilly, green area.

With only one road at its periphery, the air was quite refreshing. But on returning home after 5 years; I had to get used to the city air. By that, I mean bearing the smell of smoke and burning fuels. As a consequence, my hobby turned into my everyday struggle. In the face of a predicament, I tried to explore answers and solutions. My running habit inculcated in me, an ethic of taking one step at a time; to make gradual progress and enhance my limits. But no matter how much progress I can make, there is always a limit to what an individual can do. In my country, steps are being taken in this direction with plans ranging from a ban on plastic bags to the policy of plantation of 10 billion trees. But my problem goes beyond that. It has to do with food, clothing, and shelter. It involves our cultural, social, political, and economic practices. Thus, a sprint or two will not help as it is a marathon. And to run this marathon, capable individuals are required. Applying to GEPS is to become one of those individuals.

The government is willing to make changes but the willingness of the government must be complemented with resourcefulness. That is why I would like to pursue this master’s degree as my interest lies in the politics that revolve around the environment. The problem is that environmental politics is not currently being taught here. Hence the need for me to look elsewhere. GEPS checks all my boxes in this regard. Global Environmental Politics and Society is exactly what I want to study. The diversity of the subject matter of GEPS and the diversity of people in the university would help me to enhance my understanding "academic excellence". Plus, I would be able to opt for a work-based dissertation which makes it a cherry on top. This means more interaction, more real-life scenarios, and more ideas. And finally, I would be enabling myself to address my everyday struggle for after all what I really want is to run in peace.

Throughout my study of International Relations, one thing that really stuck with me was my mind. I found Green Theory, building its premise on the rejection of existing political, economic, and social structures in Theories of IR. This theory accuses these structures to be defective and the main cause of the existing environmental crisis, hence calling out for decentralization of power, limits to growth, and in the process, reclaiming of the commons. Similarly, in Politics of International Economic Relations, I found diverse ideas such as neo-Malthusian advocacy of controlling the population growth due to the limited nature of Earth’s resources.

In ‘A Structural Theory of Imperialism,’ Johan Galtung mentioned environmental pollution as a negative spinoff on the part of the core states. I further found the green political economy’s support for Habermasian deliberative and more participatory form of democracy. Alternatively, I studied Mark Pennington’s argument for the extension of private environmental markets and the significance of Hayekian economic models "CollegeEssay". Finally, as far as training skills are concerned, it can fairly be argued that life is one big experience so I intend to make it worthwhile by extending it to the study of environmental politics.

The above personal statement basically presents a transitionary model. It starts off with a hook and leads to more academic content towards the end. So here it is important to know that a personal statement written for admission to college or a university must start off with a hook and then transition towards the relevance of your statement to the academic subject of your intended degree. One way to do it can be by discussing any of your hobbies and relating them to your subject.

You have to convince the admissions committee that you are the best fit to study the course. Most applicants commit the mistake of aimlessly dwelling in personal stories. While it can be helpful to develop a personal narrative in your statement without linking it to the subject matter will serve no purpose and might result in outright rejection. Therefore, before writing your personal statement, do some research and study the key debates/theories/perspectives related to your field and discuss them in your essay.