The Death of Ivan Ilych

The Death of Ivan Ilych is a short story by Count Leo Tolstoy first published in 1886 in the Volume 12 of his collections. Since its issuing, this work has been hailed as a masterpiece by both readers and critiques.


The Death of Ivan Ilych is a short story by Count Leo Tolstoy first published in 1886 in the Volume 12 of his collections. Since its issuing, this work has been hailed as a masterpiece by both readers and critiques. In the 19th century, the theme of death became the subject of interest to the Romanticists and many writers after them. Apparently, they could not just cease discussing it, and hence, created narrations about romantic heroes of all kinds such as star-crossed lovers with devastating deaths as well as courageous men sacrificing their lives in the battlefields. The paper checked on plagiarism,  therefore, aims at giving a proposal on the wish to adopt the short story to the cinema for the modern audience.

Leo Tolstoy in his work combined the aspect of a perceptive psychological awareness with physical description to get rid of the assumed personal appearances and depict the genuine man’s acts, intimate gestures, and thoughts as they appear in the short story. The author further thoroughly described the motives and emotions of the ordinary people who were searching for the spiritual perfection and self-knowledge. This was particularly emphasized in the case of Ivan, the main protagonist. Ivan Ilych, being a public government official, succumbed to the incurable disease while lying lonely in his house and suffering from the unbearable pain.

The first encounter with Ivan brings to the attention of the readers the abhorrent fact that we all have to face death and might suffer a lot before it comes. As anticipated by the author, the story is intended for the general audience in a broad perspective, specifically for the people with the highest social status as well as those of the lower position.

From my perspective and perception of the short story, integrating The Death of Ivan Ilych into the cinematography today would aid human beings to meditate on the type of life they live and which way they actually desire to lead it. The case of Ivan Ilych displays the problem of the meaningless existence during his busy time of working in the courts as a government official. Evidently, certain individuals in the modern world get entangled in what we term as the material life while they make decisions based on what others think and what would be beneficial to them from the financial perspective.

In addition to this, nowadays people with the characters of Ivan Ilych still exist and, as a rule, in the end expect a miserable death. What deteriorates the situation, they realize that they have dissipated everything pure and meaningful to toil and make real cash. Their materialism and the desire to adapt as witnessed in the story of Ivan Ilych make their lives, leading to the decease, completely miserable. Therefore, by filming the story such aspects as self-centeredness, preoccupation with materialistic things, worship of prosperity and success, and breakdown of families would be highlighted and thus, solved to some extent.

Achieving the above-mentioned adaptations is a complicated task in the sense that some individuals would not be in good terms with the suggestions. Making a movie based on such book would cause different views from the members of the film industry since humans, in general, do not want to consider the issue of life and death. To address or overcome these challenges, I would have to collect the variety of appropriate facts and information on the current style of life led by people in the modern world. By accomplishing this together with the stated above issues, the movie producers will make the picture perceptible to the intended as well as the unintended audience.

Furthermore, the adaptation of the film with its vision and significant focus on the eternal problem of the purpose of human’s existence, would encourage the readers or even other experts to deepen their knowledge from the narration by Leo Tolstoy. Since learning has no limits, the experts would gain the insight into the Leo Tolstoy’s literary work. Moreover, as much as we are concerned, human nature needs to get tamed, and through such kind of stories or films, individuals will get to learn several lessons that will assist them in interacting with fellow people, and hence,will enhance modern living standards.

Additionally, in the opening chapter of the story among other important episodes, there is one scene that is particularly vital. The events start at the chronological end of the story when a group of judges gathered in the courthouse do their daily consultations, and one of them named Peter Ivanovich, a close friend of Ivan, informs the others about the death of the main hero. The scenario displays the facts about human nature as author depicts how the judges get consoled by the fact that Ivan is dead; what comes into their minds is the point of promotion and transfers that their colleague’s death has caused.

In conclusion, in the process of collecting all the facts for the film or story, one can more deeply meditate on the aspect of leading a materialistic and a meaningless life, which is typical for the majority of people today. Therefore, adapting certain books into the film industry is crucial in the world we are living. Through this, many people, misled and lost, may start to ponder over their condition.