The process of re-creating the entire world of Northrend

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It has been reported that one WoTLK Classic Gold World of Warcraft player has been able to level up his Goblin Hunter to level 50 without ever leaving the starting zone of Kezan which is an incredible feat that requires an intense amount of grinding. World of Warcraft is currently in the middle of its WoW WoTLK Classic expansion it has been well-loved by fans and identified a range of promising story beats derived from the game's long historical. More importantly, WoW WoTLK Classic appears to be continuing or even ending - Sylvanas Windrunner's narrative, with many players who have played for a long time eager to know what will happen to the Banshee Queen.

There are many players who are able to access World of Warcraft endgame content However. The game has been playing since the beginning of time, this means that a large number of players who have played for a long time have become accustomed to the leveling process, efficiently grinding out progress alongside their guildmates. While the endgame content is a great place within WoW WoTLK Classic, certain players prefer to devise their own constraints to create a more challenging game, or to set world records within a game that's played thousands of players. One of the most notable examples that shows this could be an example of a Pandaren player who has never removed from Wandering Isle, hitting max level while remaining a pacifist.

The latest impressive feat has been announced to World of Warcraft, as Reddit user TheSlapperfish has revealed that their Goblin Hunter Nobb has hit milestone 50 without ever leaving Kezan. Although it's not the same as a pacifist monk, TheSlapperfish's goal is equally noble . Never leaving Kezan means the city doesn't collapse, which helps preserve the way of life of the majority of Goblins. According to TheSlapperfish their method of operation has been to grind Tunneling Worms in Kezan until they stopped providing an XP reward, making use of alts to complete daily battle quests to progress.

It's an impressive feat, but to hit max limit of level on WoW WoTLK Classic, TheSlapperfish will require greater dedication. According to the player they estimate that it will take them 43-44 days to raise just one level on the Goblin Hunter from 50 to 51. Even though it seems the player is thinking things through WOW WoTLK Classic Gold and has come to an "efficient" method the post ends Reddit post with a note that they're open to anyone with alternatives.