Chicks born to county's first recorded breeding pair

Chicks born to county's first recorded breeding pair


The establishment of the first breeding pair of ospreys in Yorkshire for hundreds of years "is nothing short of a miracle", a conservationist has said.

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The young adult pair, at the Bolton Castle Estate, near Leyburn, in North Yorkshire, have produced two chicks - a male and a female.

Ospreys have never been recorded as breeding in the county since records began in 1800.

It follows a reintroduction programme at the site.

Sacha Dench, who is known as "the human swan" for her journey following Bewick's swans from Arctic Russia to the UK by paramotor, visited the site as part of an expedition tracking the migration route of ospreys from Scotland to Africa.

During the visit, Ms Dench met Tom Orde-Powlett, son of Lord Bolton, and others who had helped to encourage the birds to nest.

"I am incredibly honoured to be able to visit the very first osprey breeding pair in Yorkshire," she said.

"What Tom and his colleagues have achieved is nothing short of a miracle."

Ospreys were generally thought to be extinct in the UK until returning initially to remote parts of Scotland from Scandinavia in the 1950s.