City Wind and Cloud Record (Bad School Beauty Falling in Love with Me)

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Shit it's Ji Ying When I saw Ji Ying I instinctively felt disgusted and turned around and went out Wait Ji Ying stopped me Shit!

Shit it's Ji Ying When I saw Ji Ying I instinctively felt disgusted and turned around and went out Wait Ji Ying stopped me Shit! Li Jingjing who hit me asked me to wait What did she think Thinking of this I still ignored her and went straight out I took two steps and Ji Ying came after me and pulled me What are you doing I frowned at her But her slender hand held me and gave me a strange feeling Why do you ignore me Ji Ying looked at me reproachfully Why should I talk to you I think Ji Ying is a little puzzled You are used to being an carnosic acid price elder sister but you are in charge of me She hit Li Jingjing and I haven't had the same experience as her It's all right you go Ji Ying thought for a moment and sighed Mmm I didn't say much and turned around and walked out The Sunshine Internet Cafe is quite big

As soon as it comes in there are two rows of machines and there are more than a dozen on one side Then inside there are several rooms respectively several private rooms At this time there was no one in the Internet bar and there were only a group of brothers outside who were shouting and playing CS Ji Ying and I were alone at the door of the private room but it seemed a little ambiguous Grass if you want to do it you won't do it Ji Ying looks good that is Li Jingjing who hit me to see her angry Wait did you really just leave Ji Ying came over again What the hell are you doing I'm really impatient this time Let me borrow your shoulder Ji Ying finished hugged me hugged my shoulder and cried in a low voice Ji Ying does not wear much black low-cut small suspenders outside also exposed two bra belts below the miniskirt legs wrapped in black Her whole body was close to me and the two big meat balls on her chest were soft on my body My sweatpants also rubbed against her black silk and I was shamefully hard down there Shit what is she doing I felt flushed and wanted to push her

As soon as my hand touched her soft body I drew back like an electric shock So soft so elastic I like it! Ji Ying also ignored me so she kept hugging me and crying I was only in the third year of junior high school at that time glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate Although I was very tall I was still a little short compared with Ji Ying Ji Ying like a big sister hugged me like that which made me very uncomfortable What are you doing Let go of me! I just enjoyed it for a while and then I remembered that Ji Ying was still my big enemy and I couldn't lend her my shoulder Why Why are you men like this When you fall out you don't know anyone After Ji Ying finished she cried more sadly and held my body more tightly Ji Ying still has a little taste and the perfume on her body smells good Light if there is no Haha Ji Ying was dumped by Lv Zhiguang

It's time! When I heard Ji Ying say that I immediately felt good in my heart But she hugged me too tightly Really If I don't have a date I'll want to *** her with the following But I have Li Jingjing How can I take advantage of her pumpkin seed extract If Li Jingjing knew I would definitely be useless The more I thought about it the more afraid I was and I didn't dare to push her with my hands I just twisted my body and shouted anxiously "You let me go quickly If you don't let me go I'll call someone" That's what I said but I didn't dare to shout It would be a shame for Zhao Yu and Wang Daya to know

It's always not good to be involved with Lv Zhiguang's woman Ji Ying still hugged me hard and didn't let go I twisted and twisted and the friction between my body and her became worse Under my hardness I had several times pushed against her lower abdomen which made me feel so cool Ji Ying saw me trying to move a little angry "you call if you dare to call I will go to Li Jingjing said you take advantage of me I see Li Jingjing is to believe you or believe me" Anyway Lv Zhiguang and I have broken up I have a bad life I will not let you feel better When Ji Ying said this my lungs were about to explode Really Isn't that sick I've never seen such a bitch It's too cheap but I like it! What do you want Even if I like her again I dare not have anything with her I feel sad you accompany me Ji Ying loosened me and stared at me with crying red eyes No! "" I am a single-minded man Shall I accompany her Ok I'll tell Li Jingjing tomorrow that you took advantage of me "Ji Ying said looking at me with raised eyebrows a little proud" Really I tannic acid astringent hate it when people threaten me Thinking of this I begged Ji Ying to say "Sister Ying I beg you to bypass me

There are many handsome men outside who are more handsome than me You go to find them" "I think Zhao Yu is pretty good!" "No I want to find you" Ji Ying pulled my clothes for fear that I would run away ……… "I am speechless" Will you accompany me or not If you don't accompany me I'll tell Li Jingjing Ji Ying looked at me proudly and cried a few times Accompany I love Li Jingjing very much now and I am afraid that Li Jingjing will be unhappy because of something I thought about it and said "then you have to promise me that you must not tell Li Jingjing" "Cut when did I break my word" Ji Ying was even more proud to see me promise her Come on follow me into the private room

The webmaster of Sunshine Internet Cafe is very familiar with Zhao Yu and he seems to be Zhao Yu's younger brother After he gave us the Internet bar he found a private room to sleep At this time we have the final say in the Internet bar At that time the machine was still a big head and you didn't have to brush your ID card or anything You could just turn on a machine and play How long did you play Tell the boss or the webmaster They wrote down the time and came to call you when it was time Sometimes they forget to call me and I can play for more than ten minutes After Ji Ying and I re-entered the private room Ji Ying locked the door directly There were four machines in the room two on one side Ji Ying was afraid that I would run away so she let me sit inside where she sat After I sit to her that her QQ and the space are still on what the space that shows is the message board You return mine and you can play whatever you want Ji Ying finished and turned on another machine Mmm I was very obedient to give Ji Ying's space and QQ I was very sleepy but I didn't have the spirit to make such a fuss for Ji Ying Even if I am sleepy I dare not sleep in case Ji Ying takes advantage of my sleep I can not find the north By the way could this be a trap set by Lv Zhiguang and Ji Ying